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Further Possibilities - In Nursing Care

All patients require special attention and Tender Loving Care together with general medical care and support. In addition to other measures, the weakened organism should be protected from undesirable germs. In the case of a contagious disease, protecting the care-giver from infection is also necessary.

We've already reported on the successful use of grapefruit seed extract in hospitals as a disinfectant, which is also relevant when providing nursing-care at home. To disinfect the patient's room, add grapefruit seed extract to the various cleaning agents. The patient's bed linen, clothing, and towels can be washed with the addition of 20 drops of extract to the last rinse. Objects that the patient touches can also be disinfected with the help of grapefruit seed extract. For this purpose, add 30 to 40 drops of extract to 1 liter (35 fl. oz.) of water and place the objects in it for several minutes. They can also be washed with the solution. If we want to improve the air in the patient's room, we can put the same solution in a spray bottle and atomize it. The extract can be used as an effective germ-inhibitor in both air-humidifiers and artificial ventilating systems.

Care-givers are advised to disinfect their hands with the extract before and after contact with the patient. Nurses and doctors sometimes suffer from eczema on their hands, caused by the caustic chemical disinfectants. The use of grapefruit seed extract for disinfecting the hands not only prevents this occurrence, but also helps heal existing eczema. For disinfection purposes, put a few drops of the extract directly on the moist hands and rub it in.

Not only is grapefruit seed extract harmless for this purpose as well, but also extremely effective. In a previous chapter we mentioned the study by Dr. J. A. Botine determining that the extract has a 100% disinfectant effect in comparison to the 98% of the usual agent and the 72% efficacy of alcohol. What has been a swab with alcohol before an injection or the prick of an acupuncture needle, could soon be the swab with grapefruit seed extract. The chemical pre-operative and postoperative skin disinfection currently used could also be advantageously replaced with the extract. In addition, plasters or bandage materials could be pre-treated by spraying them with grapefruit seed extract.

Doctors, naturopaths, midwives, nurses, chiropodists, and others who are involved with the treatment and care of patients may find many other uses for grapefruit seed extract. The extract can be used wherever an antibacterial, antiseptic, or fungicidal effect is required.

From book: Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J. Baginski "The Healing Power of Grapefruit Seed"




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